C2G Services

Laboratory Services


lab serv

To ensure the quality of our bio-fuels, Convert2Green employ some of the most experienced chemists in the industry and have invested in a highly sophisticated, state-of-the-art laboratory.

These specialist chemists, play a key role in monitoring and improving the quality of our bio-fuels, using the very latest product knowledge from across the world.

They ensure that Convert2Green not only meets existing industry criteria, but pushes forward to exceed bio-fuel standards in key areas.

We work in partnership with a number of agronomy, chemical engineering and technology providers as we look to the next generation of bio-fuels and turning those fuels in to energy.

Convert2Green also offers chemical analysis services to the industry and test bio-fuel quality for other producers and users.

Research and Development


r and d

Convert2Green recognises the speed of change in the waste to energy industry and so invests heavily in R&D for new products of high quality, which will provide high levels of fuel consistency.

Our research and development programme looks at new feedstocks, processing systems, energy provision and new heating systems.  This expertise is driven by specialist chemists and scientists who lead on the development and analysis of waste to energy.

Through its premium fuel, Ultra Biofuel, Convert2Green has been chosen, as a cutting edge producer, to be part of the Department for Transport’s Low Carbon Truck Demonstration.  This scheme is assessing the performance of various low carbon fuels in the ‘real world’ and Ultra has shown that it can deliver a 97% carbon saving, is compatible with latest engine technology (EURO6) and matches the fuel efficiency of mineral diesel.

This R&D capability has driven Convert2Green’s success as a leading edge company in the waste to energy industry.  It allows us to minimise lead-time between inception and commercial production, delivering to our customers maximum cost savings and carbon reduction in the shortest possible time.

Waste Stream Management


waste stream

Convert2Green works with its customers to understand their waste disposal requirements and how to recycle that waste to energy.

As landfill taxes and the cost of waste disposal increase, our customers welcome a cost-effective waste management service, which ensures that their used cooking oil and other waste streams are disposed of in a legally compliant and environmentally responsible manner.

Convert2Green collects and processes a wide range of waste streams including:

  • Waste cooking oil
  • Food waste
  • Glass
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Paper
  • General waste

Convert2Green customers have the option of using their waste as biodiesel for road transport or for power generation or heat.