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The Environment Agency uses Convert2Green bio-fuel.
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Convert2Green is the fourth largest bio-fuel producer in the UK, using waste cooking oil to produce bio-fuels for road transport and for heat and power generation.

We supply our customers with 100% Bio-fuel (B100) to 10% Bio-fuel mixed with derv (B10).

Waste cooking oil would otherwise be poured down the drain or sent to landfill, damaging the environment and causing great expense, so by using this waste product as a fuel source, Convert2Green offers its customers a fully sustainable and renewable fuel.

Because Convert2Green does not import or export and runs its entire operation on bio-fuel, we are able to pass on additional carbon saving to our customers through the supply chain, typically an 85-90% reduction in lifecycle carbon emissions.

Our customers know that the use of our bio-fuels not only helps them to fulfil their own green commitments, but also places them at a commercial advantage in tender negotiations, where they can fully demonstrate their green credentials and pass carbon savings through the supply chain.

Convert2Green uses proprietary technology to produce a range of quality bio-fuels, tested to EN standard in our state-of-the-art laboratory. These fuels are endorsed by engine manufacturers, such as Scania, ensuring that our bio-fuels are fully compliant with our customers’ needs for appropriate fuel mixes, servicing schedules and warranty agreements. laboratory testing
Not every customer provides waste oil, but for those that do, Convert2Green’s unique batching system, offers our customers the ability to use their own waste cooking oil, returned to them as bio-fuel and guarantees that only sustainable oil is used throughout the manufacturing process.

To ensure that our fuels maintain their maximum performance, Convert2Green also offers a full tank management and winterisation service.
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Convert2Green is the trusted partner of leading food manufacturers, caterers, restaurants, wholesalers and distributors, local authorities, public sector organisations and retailers.
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Cheshire East Council
Cygnet Foods
The Environment Agency
Oldham MBC: Chadderton Wellbeing Centre
Spirit Pub Company
Tamar Foods
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