Advanced Biofuels




Convert2Green is one of the largest bio-fuel producers in the UK, using used cooking oil to produce biodiesel for road transport, power and heat.

Used cooking oil would otherwise be poured down the drain or sent to landfill, damaging the environment and causing great expense, so by using this waste product as a fuel source, Convert2Green offers its customers a fully sustainable and renewable fuel, typically with an 85-97% reduction in carbon emissions against mineral diesel.

Convert2Green biodiesel helps our customers to fulfil their green commitment, but also offers them a commercial advantage in tender negotiations, where they can fully demonstrate their green credentials and pass carbon savings through the supply chain.

Convert2Green uses proprietary technology to produce a range of quality bio-fuels, tested to EN standard in our state-of-the-art laboratory. These fuels have been used by major fleet operators, such as BIFFA and 3663 for over 5 years in the UK.

Not every customer provides used cooking oil, but for those that do, Convert2Green’s unique batching system offers our customers the ability to use their own waste cooking oil, returned to them as biodiesel with the guarantee that only sustainable oil is used throughout the manufacturing process.

To ensure that our fuels maintain their maximum performance, Convert2Green also offers a full tank management and winterisation service.



Convert2Green supplies biodiesel and Ultra Biofuel to clients who generate power from diesel engines. This includes:

  • Combined heat and power systems.
  • Permanent and standby generators.
  • Mobile temporary generators.

Convert2Green biodiesel delivers 85% greenhouse gas savings compared with mineral diesel.

Convert2Green supplies green tariff electricity via the mains offering:

  • Simple and transparent pricing with one competitive, all inclusive price per kilowatt hour.

  • 100% green electricity from a range of renewable sources, including Convert2Green’s own CHP generating system. All power is fully verified with Levy Exemption Certificates and Renewable Energy Guarantees.

  • Half-hourly meters to ensure charges are based on actual not estimated consumption and to establish maximum energy efficiency and cost reduction.


Convert2Green biodiesel can usually be mixed up to 30% with mineral oil based fuels in conventional heating systems.  Biodiesel specific heating systems are also available.

Convert2Green supplies renewable heat and power, delivered either by on-site micro-generation, using a bio-fuel combined heat and power system, or via the grid.  Renewable heat and power offers our customers enormous benefits.

Bio-fuel On-site Combined Heat and Power

  • A fixed price for fuel and power for 5-7 years, where the customer supplies the used cooking oil feedstock.

  • Significantly improved energy efficiency against mains supplied energy.

  • Security of power supply with mains back-up.

  • Low start up costs with capital funding support.

  • The ability to export surplus green power to other customer properties.

  • Exemption from the Climate Change Levy (CCL).

The heat and power systems are simple and easy to install, taking 8-10 weeks from assessment to installation, and can be utilised in new builds or as retro-fits to existing buildings.

Convert2Green customers receive the reassurance of a professional, reliable service with a comprehensive servicing and maintenance package.

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