Ultra Biofuel

Ultra Biofuel is the premium advanced biofuel solution from Convert2Green, offering a massive 97% greenhouse gas emission saving against the use of mineral diesel in road transport.

Fully proven on Euro 6 engines, Ultra Biofuel is a dual fuel technology …



Used Cooking Oil


Convert2Green is a leading national used cooking oil collector and producer of biodiesel, and we operate a FREE, LOCAL and FREQUENT collection service for you across the UK.



Advanced Biofuels

Convert2Green is one of the largest bio-fuel producers in the UK, using used cooking oil to produce biodiesel for road transport, power and heat.

Used cooking oil would otherwise be poured down the drain or sent to landfill, damaging the environment and…



Fresh Cooking Oil

The highest quality cooking oil, delivered to your door

Convert2Green offers a nationwide delivery service of only the very best Rapeseed Oil. Produced from non-genetically modified feedstock, this high quality and versatile …

Convert2Green Partners

Convert2Green is the trusted partner of leading organisations across the private and public sectors.

CO2 Tonnes Saved

Why you can trust Convert2Green

Working with Convert2Green you are assured that you are using a trusted supplier who advises the Government and ensures that you are fully protected for all of your legal and regulatory needs.

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